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Change of Seasons

When we say goodbye to summer (I do LOVE the long days of sunshine!) and greet the crisp air of fall, I take a moment to recognize the significance of this seasonal shift as a metaphor for our mental well-being. Here are some tips to help us move into the new season.

Letting Go: Reflecting on Change

Just as the trees shed their leaves, fall prompts us to let go of what no longer serves us. It's a time for reflection, where we can assess our habits and thoughts, and gently release what no longer contributes to our growth and happiness.

Embracing Change: Adapting to New Beginnings

The changing colors of the leaves remind us that change can be beautiful! If we choose to look at it that way. As we adapt to the cooler temperatures and shorter days, we can learn to embrace new beginnings, fostering a mindset of adaptability and resilience. It’s not always easy, but I really do try to reconnect with what I need intuitively when it comes to the change of seasons.

Finding Comfort in Routine: Nurturing Mental Wellness

As the days grow shorter, it becomes essential to focus on nurturing our mental well-being. Establishing comforting routines, engaging in mindfulness practices, and seeking solace in the small pleasures of the season can provide a sense of stability and comfort during this period of transition. With the holiday season fast approaching, I know it’s necessary to make sure I am engaging in practices that make me feel good so I can stay on top of my busy lifestyle.

Connecting with Nature: A Source of Healing

Fall offers the perfect opportunity to connect with nature. Just getting outside in the cool air or admiring the colored leaves can help us shift our perspective and embrace the new season.

Practicing Gratitude: Finding Joy in Simplicity

Out of all of the practices listed above, this is my favorite. Fall really is a beautiful time! I am grateful for the chance to spend some time on the East Coast with family during these months, where the fall foliage is stunning (I am biased, but I do believe fall in Pennsylvania is the BEST place to be). Wherever you are, you can cultivate gratitude for the simple joys of life. For me that can be the warmth of a cozy sweater (I mean who doesn’t love layering with some fun chunky sweaters and boots?!), the company of loved ones, or breathing in the cool crisp air on a morning walk with my coffee (get your coffee, get your day!).

Fostering an attitude of gratitude can uplift our spirits and bring a sense of contentment during this transition. Next time you notice the change of season, whether it’s seeing the sun going down earlier or waking up to a cooler morning, pause to think about what you’re grateful for and how you can embrace the change all around us.

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