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Dear Friends!

Happy November! Can you believe we are almost winding up 2022!? WILD! I know you have heard that only 347 times before, but it is still mind-blowing to me.To recap October, I had the best month.

Highlights included multiple speaking engagements at colleges and high schools, getting to go home to Pennsylvania during the Fall (my favorite time) to see the leaves change, visiting my family—it was all a blast! Truthfully, after I returned from all of my speaking engagements I had a challenging time adjusting back to day-to-day life. I am working really hard to make speaking a work priority so it almost felt like I was on a high and then I got smacked with reality when I returned. A dear friend of mine reminded me of the days when I was still working to get my first booking… and reminded me I just had four opportunities within 10 days! PERSPECTIVE. What a great reminder on perspective and shifting the focus to what is working and what is in your favor. Despite feeling low because I didn't have anything else booked for a few weeks, it lifted the weight on my shoulders and reminded me about how grateful I am for what I did accomplish in a short 10 days. I know there will be more of where that came from in due time. In God's time. And when I looked at the situation that way, it reminded me of how proud I am of myself… that was a much better feeling.

With gratitude and perspective shifts on my mind, I wanted to do something for the holiday season. I will be hosting a special virtual session on Sunday, December 11 at 10 am, where there will be movement (bring your yoga mat), mindfulness, (bring your journal) and motivation!! Tickets are $11 and can be purchased here. I would love to see you for A PRACTICE IN GRATITUDE!

Until next time,





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