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End-of-Year Check-In

Can you believe it is already NOVEMBER?! As we approach the year's final stretch, it's natural to reflect on the goals we set back in January and contemplate what we've achieved thus far. While it's tempting to push ourselves to accomplish everything we initially planned, it's crucial to take a pause (DEEP BREATH IN AND OUT).... and acknowledge the importance of setting realistic goals during this season.

Realistic goal-setting allows us to manage our expectations AND also plays a pivotal role in nurturing our overall wellness. Here are a few prompts I am personally working on as we wrap up the end of the year.

Setting Year-End Goals: What is one achievable goal I can set for myself to accomplish before the end of the year? How can I break it down into smaller, manageable steps to ensure I make progress each day?

Reflecting on Self-Care: What is one thing I can do today to take care of myself? How does this activity make me feel, and how can I incorporate it more regularly into my routine for a healthier mindset?

Acknowledging Personal Growth: What is one way I've grown or changed positively this year? How will I prioritize my mental health between now and the end of the year?

Cultivating Gratitude: What am I grateful for this year, so far?

Checking in is so important! Taking time to assess how you are, what you have already done, and what you still need offers great perspective and can help you continue on your path.

p.s. how cute is my cat (pictured above)?! It was recently National Cat Day and Black Cat Day. Speaking from experience: spending time with furry friends is a great form of self-care!

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