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How to Get Good Sleep

Let’s talk SLEEP! Sleep has become a non-negotiable for me, when it comes to supporting my mental health and well-being. I need it for generally feeling GOOD.

Quality sleep is an underrated key player in maintaining our mental well-being. Let's explore seven simple ways to build a sleep routine that supports your mind and helps you find balance.

Stick to a Consistent Schedule: Aim to maintain a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends. (Or try your best to do so!) This helps regulate your body clock and improves overall mental stability.

Maintain Bedtime Rituals: Develop calming bedtime rituals like reading, gentle stretching, or meditation. I find the Five Minute Journal is a great tool for reflecting on the day and helping me begin the process of winding down before bedtime. Create a routine that signals to your body that it's time to wind down and REST.

Optimize Your Space: Ensure your sleep environment is comfortable. Keep your space clean and tidy. If you are sleeping in a room that is messy, chances are you won’t get a good night’s rest!!! 

Limit Screen Time: Cut down on screen time before bed. You may think scrolling is relaxing, but blue light disrupts melatonin production and can interfere with your ability to get a good night of sleep. Opt for screen-less relaxing activities before bedtime instead. I’ll admit I don't always do this, but I am trying to be better about it. Something I started to do that helps: keeping my phone outside of my bedroom!! 

Manage Meals: Watch what and when you eat. Avoid heavy meals and limit caffeine and alcohol intake. Stay hydrated but reduce fluids too close to bedtime.

Move: Be sure to include regular exercise in your routine. Aim for 30 minutes most days, finishing a few hours before bedtime. 

Manage Stress: Techniques like journaling or deep breathing before bedtime can help you manage stress to allow you to fall asleep and sleep more restfully. (This is another good use of the Five Minute Journal!) 

Start one step and time and you’ll find that these simple everyday habits can make a big difference in helping us maintain our overall well-being. 

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