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Dear Friends!

Happy December! WOW… we are HERE. End of 2022. This time of the year always forces me to pause and reflect. To think about the previous 12 months, celebrate all of the wins, and think how I want to navigate the start of my 2023.Typically, I tend to enjoy focusing more on the possibility of the new year instead of getting stuck in what has been. I am not one to set new year’s resolutions. If they work for you, GREAT, I support it. I think it can be overwhelming to commit to sticking to something for an entire year so I personally like to focus on SMART GOALS: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. I haven’t done this before, but this year I made smart goals for the first quarter of the year. That seems more realistic to me and something I can achieve, which in turn sets me up for success and makes me FEEL BETTER. And that is what the overall goal is with all of this work, right?! TO FEEL BETTER!!! Shoutout to my girl and support Liza for the suggestion of the quarterly goals!! THANK YOU.

So here it is…


  1. Book 3 paying speaking engagements per month.

  2. Sell 30 GET YOUR DAY RIGHT program packages per month.

  3. Post on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok 3 times per week.

  4. Get 1000 YouTube subscribers within the first 3 months.

  5. Continue with my podcast.

Bonus goal: HAVE FUN!

Something I know will help me with this is counting on the guidance of my Get Your Day Right program 21-day healthy habits-forming program, which is based on my keynote of developing your mental health toolkit. I am going to kick off the new year with a challenge and would love for you to join me! If you are interested, click HERE (expired).

Before we wrap up 2022, I hope you will join me for an online virtual event on Sunday, December 11 to come together for some movement (pilates), mindfulness, and motivation! Tickets are $11. Reserve your spot HERE!

See you there!



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