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I get so many messages in my meditations, whether I ask for them or not. I tell you it is the one practice that has transformed my life and I give all credit to it for my successes.


I popped into a yoga class recently and the teacher asked us to start by doing a body scan. We started in 5 minutes of stillness, which wasn't typical for her classes. When I got quiet, the answer appeared: LISTEN.

The world is full of noise. Our lives are LOUD. So much takes up our attention: Notifications, commitments, expectations. I'ts no wonder we go on autopilot.

But the noise isn’t all bad. I actually love when its loud. I am a fiery person and it fuels me. But the QUIET—and taking time to listen—is just as important.


Early mornings.

Cuddling with your cat.

A yoga practice.

The smell of your partner's cologne.

A hug from a parent.

Honoring your intuition.

A breath.

How you LISTEN is up to you. It’s worth the effort to implement the practice of listening on a consistent basis to find the balance to the noise.

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