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Hi Friends!

Life is really good. For the first time in 5 years, I’m really starting to see seeds that I have planted start to bloom. It’s satisfying and I’m excited to see what’s ahead. I feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation and am trying to not get swept up in thinking about what's next. This helps me enjoy and savor the journey.

I think it’s so easy to give our power away or forget how fabulous we are, which can cause a terrible lack in confidence (that's one of the worst feelings). But when we remember our true nature and feel embodied, it makes us unstoppable.

In all areas of my work—whether teaching to a group of Pilates students, speaking to a large audience, working one-on-one with private clients or writing this letter to you—I want people to feel empowered and confident, like the best version of themselves. I believe we are all entitled to that.

Life can be so complicated. Let’s get back to simple practices! Simplify to feel our best and prioritize our health by having agency over our healing and enjoying the journey.

p.s. Don’t forget to join me for my virtual classes Wednesday and Friday 9 am PT. See you there!



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