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Professional Growth

I stopped recently to consider just how much professional growth I have experienced and wanted to share some insights about this, as my daily practices are a major factor. 

The biggest change: I feel so confident in knowing my value and believing fully in what I have to offer. While this is a good feeling, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword. I am standing tall in this knowing AND I have also been met with a fair amount of rejection. I have found myself consciously choosing to NOT say YES to opportunities just because they are in front of me. I am carefully evaluating what needs of mine must be met in order to commit and say YES to something—and this includes refusing to lower my standards because of fear or a lack mentality.

It really goes to show you that constantly expanding is a journey and these growing pains are putting me in a better position to thrive. Sometimes the rejection is frustrating, but I also see how far I have come and choose to stay excited about the things I am doing. Most of all, it feels good to see my progress and reminds me to remain grounded in the practices that I know make me feel my best.

Journal Prompt:

Think about a time when you felt more confident in your professional worth. How did this change affect your choices and opportunities? Share how you handled challenges and rejections while keeping your standards high. Talk about how your daily habits contribute to your professional growth and how you stay true to your values during tough times. What tips or strategies keep you thriving in your journey of continuous growth?

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