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Shifting from Blah to Ahhh

Do you ever just feel BLAH?! 

If you say no, I don’t believe you. I consider BLAH to be a universal understanding that surpasses all language barriers, geographic regions, races, religions… you name it. WE ALL EXPERIENCE BLAH. It is simply not possible to feel good ALL the time.  It is also called being human.

Unfortunately , sometimes it’s more often than not.

I felt blah last week. Nothing was terrible, nothing was great, everything just kind of WAS. That grey. That in-between. That feeling of being out of synch or off the path. 

I usually experience blah as a lack of motivation and WHO WANTS TO BE THERE?! Not me!! I like feeling good and being productive!

By Thursday, my week of blah started to come to life. I noticed this after teaching one of my BURN BRENTWOOD classes. The physical movement plus the heat of the sauna was the kick-start to the week that I needed. As I started to feel more alert and energized—like myself again!—I reflected on my week of blah and realized I moved my way into feeling better. It’s a great reminder that we have power to create momentum when we need it most. 

For the most part, WE CAN SHIFT OUR BLAH TO AHHH, that’s more like it. Movement is one of my favorite ways to beat the BLAH. I realize that physical movement doesn’t cure all of our problems but boosting serotonin and dopamine with movement is A REAL THING that helps you feel better. More motivated. Inspired. Of course, it’s hard to move when we feel BLAH, that’s the tricky part! We really can be our own worst enemy. So if you are feeling BLAH, I encourage you to move. DAILY. Schedule it in. Make time for it, ESPECIALLY when you feel unmotivated. You will thank me when you’re back to feeling like yourself again. 

(Note: I realize some circumstances that happen to us are out of our control and there are times when we need to rest and take care of ourselves, which may involve asking for help. You are not alone! NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health has resources, including a warmline and support groups. More here and here.) 

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