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Stillness and Slowing Down

The messages that came to me in my meditations last week: stillness, surrender, and faith.

I have been mentally prepping for a planned surgery I had last week and knew in advance I would have a hard time slowing down for the recovery process. Not just the physical part of being able to do anything with my body, but the actual NON-ACTION part of stepping away from work and responsibilities and just letting everything BE.

As someone who is self-employed and an entrepreneur, I take great pride in my ability to adapt and grow and put myself out there. I am proud of my ability to DRIVE and power through. Get your coffee, get your day! Go, go go! The thing that scares me the most is the non-doing, because I feel like I’m going to get 10 steps behind and I can’t possibly let that happen. This fear of slowing down has coincided with more rejection I have recently faced, so the anxiety that I felt going into this inward space has been heightened. 

I guess this is where the faith part comes in. Putting my hands up to this recovery period. Not doing. Not worrying. Allowing those around me to support me in ways I usually show up for others and trusting that God will place the work, the people, and the opportunities in front of me, when the time is right. 

And for now I just sit back and heal. I remember: Stillness, surrender, faith. 

Consider this a gentle reminder to grant yourself the gift of stillness. Amid the chaos, find a quiet corner, breathe deeply, and let your thoughts settle. Embracing this intentional slowdown allows us to connect with our inner selves and foster a profound sense of calm and clarity. This can allow the opportunities that I speak of above to come to us. 

In a world that glorifies constant productivity, remember that your mental well-being deserves to be prioritized. Give yourself permission to unplug, whether it's through a quiet walk, meditation, journaling, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in solitude. By going inward, we cultivate resilience and create space for introspection. It's in these moments that we can better understand ourselves, acknowledge our feelings, and recharge our mental batteries. 

Repeat after me: The act of slowing down is NOT a sign of weakness. Slowing down is a courageous step towards a healthier and more balanced life. Breathe in, I am slowing down. Breathe out, I am trusting the process. 

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