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Hi Friends!

Happy Valentines Day week. I know it may be a Hallmark holiday, but it is also a wonderful time to reflect love in all areas of our life. Love with ourselves, Love with our work, Love with our friendships... Love with our overall community. I am feeling an overwhelming sense of LOVE from so many areas in my life, especially my community (ALL OF YOU) and I just wanted to show appreciation to each of you. It has been constant love and support that have allowed me to grow and expand in ways that are currently unfolding and allowing me to receive so many blessings. So THANK YOU!

Although I encourage this all of the time, I hope you take a moment to reflect on how you can show yourself some extra love this week. Maybe it's taking yourself for a massage, buying yourself flowers, going for a walk, ordering takeout... or maybe it's more along the lines of letting go. Surrendering to things, people or experiences no longer serving you. Whatever it may be, _________.


Self-care session I offered to NAMI Westside Los Angeles last Valentine's Day:




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